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Quaker Worship

I was commenting to a friend about unprogrammed worship.

I don't go to regular church services because I usually lose track of what a preacher is saying if it's longer than 10 minutes, I day dream during hymns. I'd rather be left alone to my own thoughts and focusing on the Presence in the Midst for an hour.
To me it's authentic, responsive, and with all of the nuts-o commotion in my world, giving an hour to "be still and know who is God" and to "rise up with strength" (it's actually refreshing) is worth (in my experience). It can be hard if i have some guilt, and sometimes if there is something i have to change and don't want to, or didn't realize i needed to, it bubbles up in the silence. That can be hard and lead to some true inner wrestling (quaking) but there is the Light, and it informs our conscience. so if the Light is shining on some skeleton in some closet, then the Light will also show the way to deal with it. The community is so loving and supportive and non-judging (to a fault) that i know people have my back.

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