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Should Christian Quakers be careful of what they say?

Recently I read a response by one Friend to an open letter by a neo-pagan Friend (Quaker).  Apparently he took exception to a comment she made wherein she in so many words cautioned Christian Quakers when they express themselves.  It got me thinking to a time when I was told as a teenager that I spoke of Jesus too much at meeting and as a young adult that I was too preachy; perhaps I did speak too often from a defensive place. I was younger and spiritually insecure. While I am tempted to be thoroughly exasperated with any censuring if traditional Quaker expression, I do see some wisdom in calls for caution on the part of all Christians. We should speak no further than our experience allows. We should be tenderly if at all possible and be careful to speak with love. When we speak grounded in Christ who is the embodiment of love, God is in charge! Let the hearers be faithful in their own part.

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