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What is your Friends Meeting doing in the community?

I visited Friends Church years ago with a counselor of mine who became a friend and sister in faith. She was a member of Saddleback church (where I was baptized).  I told her my dream was to attend Friends Church; I had always wanted to visit a Quaker megachurch.  When we arrived for the Christmas concert  we saw welcome messages all over the big screens; and requests to donate to their ministry to build schools in India. They are also working to fight human trafficking.   (The concert  in the link is 2009 I went in 2012). It was exciting to worship with Quakers of a different stripe and frankly different (sub?)culture than the Quaker subculture I am a part of.  I just wish they'd see me as an equal and not a sinner. Still, what good works and wonderful worship!  What opportunities does your meeting provide for members to serve the community THROUGH the meeting? Of course we all can do our own individual service, but how do your community serve together?

I also want to share one of their other concerts King and Country who also performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live (just in case you like the group).

And here's the trailer for the movie Not Today that Lionsgate distributed albeit with controversy and a lawsuit by seemingly unscrupulous leaders of the congregation. It's too bad, but it shows that money and power corrupts. Even at Friends Church. It does make me wonder what Friends Church did to discipline these Friends, if anything.  They didn't discipline Nixon (as far as we know).  Used to be that Friends disowned members who got into legal trouble so as to publicly show that the Friends in question were not in keeping with the manner of Friends.  But then. my meeting wouldn't dream of doing such a thing. We'd take care of such a thing in house.

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